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Castle Hill Parents and Citizens Association Inc. is a registered not-for-profit association consisting of parents, carers, teachers and members of the community.  We exist to raise funds to enhance the educational experience of the students and staff of Castle Hill High School. We organise events and oversee the operation of the Uniform Shop and school Canteen, along with other endeavours, for the purpose of raising funds and providing a quality service to the school. The proceeds of our fundraising initiatives, including donations and grants, are primarily targeted towards enhancing the academic, social, emotional and physical well-being of our students. Additionally we endeavour to empower parents and carers with information and knowledge to better support their children's education, growth and development at Castle Hill High School. We aim to promote an inviting, inclusive, cohesive and engaged community.

The School Executive and the P&C have a very good working relationship at Castle Hill High School.  Principal, Ms Brewer, shares with the P&C her vision for the school and it's future development which is always innovative and inclusive. She listens to our ideas and opinions. The school has been very supportive of the P&Cs improvements to its shops and its involvement in school committees as we strive together to deliver the best for our students and school community.  


We are hoping to continue this positive relationship as we move ahead in planning for the future of Castle Hill High School with the issues of WiFi safety and the impact the re-zoning and development of Castle Hill will have on our school, high on our list.

We typically meet Wednesday evenings on weeks 4 & 8 during school terms.  All members of our community are welcome.


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